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May 23 2018

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May 22 2018

I recently started a new animal crossing new leaf town so I was looking around tumblr for content and I’m honestly shook at how many people just straight up hack their towns to make impossible things, like trees in water and double bridges and stuff. it kinda bugs me lol

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yesterday I paid someone $25 for a school composite, but portrait mode did this for free 🤔

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Game - Darkest Dungeon

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May 21 2018


Whoever has my voodoo doll, please eat its ass

May 20 2018


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Alluvium is a stylish and nail-biting pulp adventure thriller where things keep going from bad to worse after you crash lad on a desert island.

Read More & Play The Full Game, Free (Windows, Mac & Linux)

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hungover dadbod day.


if you guys didn’t know I also have a tags page so you can search for content easier, I just listed the things I tag the most. it’s RIGHT HERE

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hungover dadbod day.

May 19 2018

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May 18 2018


PSA: big butts > abs

Pass it along

May 17 2018

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Four scrapped Pokémon designs from Pokémon Red & Green have been revealed in a manga releasing today in Japan about the life of Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri! James Turner of Game Freak, who designed Pokémon like Golurk and Buzzwole, posted a photo of one of the pages. It reveals some old Pokémon designs and names.

The scrapped Pokemon designs are: 

  • #56 Diaa (“Deer”)
  • #62 Kurokki (“Crocky,” as in crocodile)
  • #67 Kakutasu (“Cactus”)
  • #68 Jaggu (As in “jag,” like the jagged spear protruding from its shark head)
Source: Pokebeach | Translated by  Bangiras

May 16 2018

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Aldrich, Devourer of Gods (Dark Souls)

Omnomnom! So I’ve always wanted to draw characters from the Dark Souls series. I plan to do more but I’m slightly clueless about whom I should paint next. Feel free to send in suggestions via reply, asks and messages and I’ll paint the most popular choice. Don’t worry, I’ll eventually paint them all :V (I hope)

Aldrich Print in Society6! [Click me!]

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The Old Dragonslayer

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I’m thirsty for the shark guy okay, don’t judge me.

but ye Prince Sidon from Breath of the wild

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This is my fav jockstrap… post leg day 🍑

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